The #1 Experts in Leather and Vinyl Repair in Québec...

We put our experience and know-how toward restoring and preserving your precious possessions. Our experts work with vinyl, leather, fabrics, plastic and other types of products. (biodegradable products)

Our Mission

Our main incentive is to restore and repair your precious possessions, extend their usefulness, preserve the beauty of equipment or furniture that you value highly.


We repair and restore articles manufactured in vinyl, leather, plastic, fabrics and velour.  We use biodegradable products in our work -  glues, dyes, etc. - and we work with natural fibres.


Groupe MM is constantly evolving and, since new techniques are always discovered, we are interested in research and development. To this end, we choose fabrics that reflect our concerns. Every year, at the group’s general meeting, all members assemble to share newly acquired expertise and knowledge. Such a dynamic approach allows us to update and improve our exclusive techniques. Each member of the group brings new discoveries to the table with respect to glues and dyes and other materials. We also discuss all technical aspects of our work with the result that these improvements enhance our levels of profitability and production. We integrate all innovative techniques in our work and enrich our expertise.

Guaranteed Work

Groupe MM guarantees the end results of its work, according to specific agreements, always taking into account the nature of the request. Groupe MM has created its own certification with respect to the techniques it uses.


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